Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Addition of Two Paddles Plus Calculation of Rounds

Today, we successfully added both paddles to the game. Initially, we encountered some problems due to loose contact between the sensor pins and the protoboard. We managed to alleviate this problem after creating our own right-angle pins with the use of pliers . The game is now at a stage where two players can play the game.

Current Features:
1. The players can hit the ball back and forth in relatively straight lines.
2. Depending on the point of contact with the paddle, the ball will either return in the same column or shift over one in the rebounding path.
3. A simple condition is included so that if the paddle hits a ball in the column next to the wall, it also shifts over a column
4. A round is completed with one player misses the ball. For testing purposes, the game currently consists of 2 rounds.
5. The row in which the losing player's paddle in the final round resides lights up.
6. There is currently no pause between rounds, and the ball immediately returns to the middle of the board.

Upcoming modifications:
1. The red row should light up for the player with the lowest score, not for the player losing the final round.
2. The movement of the paddles can be made smoother with the incorporation of a running average calculation. Sometimes, the paddle looks as though it occupies 4 LEDs instead of 3.
3. Create a pause between rounds. Potential ideas include a delay incorporating an overflow counter or a button that will start a new round when pressed.

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