Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sounds and Buttons

Since the last post, we've successfully improved the trajectories of the ball to respond to collisions with the paddle, the wall, a second ball, or obstacles. Furthermore, we've improved the interactive nature of the game by adding a sound every time a paddle hits the ball or a ball has a collision. By quickly incrementing and decrementing the frequency of the outputted sounds, we were able to generate one tune for when a player misses a ball and another tune at the end of the game.

At the beginning of each round, the players must press one of the following.
  • Yellow Button - Single ball
  • Green Button - 2 balls
  • Blue Button - obstacles
  • Red Button - random setting
At the culmination of the game, the players may press the Red button in order to reset the game and reset the score to 0-0.

We also soldered the 4 buttons and the speaker onto a small board in order to prepare for the final display of the project. We are contemplating making amendments to the wiring of the sensors in order to improve their ease of use and responsiveness to movement.

We've displayed a screenshot here so that you can see the set-up of the buttons along with the configurations of the obstacles. You can also view the demo on YouTube, since we are currently experiencing difficulties uploading it to the blog.

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